Become a Sponsor Support our Band

  • There are many ways to become a Supporter.

    Financial Supporter: Anyone that provides help to the band programs through financial donations or items donated to the band is considered a Supporter of the band.

    Hands-On Supporter: This is a person who loves to spend time and effort helping on projects that benefit the band program.  These people spend time and know-how building, creating, and serving with other people to help out where needed.

    Spectator Supporter: WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF THESE AND APPRECIATE THEM ALL.  We love seeing the crowds at our concerts, gatherings and productions.  Thank you for coming and supporting our band program.  Please consider future support of becoming a
    Hands-On Supporter or Financial Supporter.

    1. Our most recent goal is to begin the fundraising process for new uniforms for the marching band. Our uniforms are now 15 years old and have problems with the material fading, becoming weak and components like the snaps and zippers no longer functioning.  We are currently working with a few companies to put together a new uniform that will serve our purpose and maintain well for the next 15 years. We need to raise approximately 35,000 to complete this purchase.
    2. We would like to replace some of our older and non-functional brass instruments. The goal of the band department is to replace at least one instrument per year.  Mellophone, Baritones and Sousaphones are our top priority.

Sponsor FAQ's

  • We use the donations given to the Band program to support students in their progress throughout the program. Whether it is with the Pep Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band or Concert Bands, we try to promote changes in students that grow Dedication, Determination, Discipline and Devotion to others, themselves and their community.

  • Boosters are the front line of the support program at Litchfield.  We have many students that need help and interaction from adults of all kinds.  Through them, we are able to continue our motivation for all our programs here.

  • Our program serves 150 kids grades 8-12.  We build community and positive relationships with each student and help them develop the skills necessary to grow.  We are a Family in the Band and build that family through dedication to each other, determination to follow through in hard times, devotion to the goal of becoming better musicians, people and friends, and discipline to stay on track no matter how you feel at the time.